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The Traffic Violation Management solution

Cities are growing both in size and population. The increased population among other issues leads to a more crowded roads and lax discipline. Cities nowadays seek smart solutions to solve their traffic challenges and secure their streets.

The Logipix solution

The Logipix end-to-end Traffic Violation Management solution provides an answer for city traffic issues. This solution was created to help cities to achieve more safe environment through smarter urban traffic management. The system is complete and covers the entire workflow. The hardware and software components work together to build a reliable system that covers the entire process and makes surveillance in modern, smart cities more convenient.

Traffic violation management

The Safe and Smart City solution is able to maintain security in everyday traffic by precisely detecting and recording traffic violations. The effectively captured violation footage and additional information prove to be irrefutable evidences for local authorities.

  • Wide dynamic range Logipix ONE 20 MP cameras with 20 FPS
  • Integrated IR Flash
  • Outdoor Network Video Recorder
  • Integrated multi-lane radar / LIDAR for speeding
  • ANPR interface, and interfaces for external vehicle database and customer-managed lists
  • Violation Management Client (VMC)

Automatic Video Content Analysis

  • Speeding detection
  • Stop sign violation detection
  • Red light violation detection
  • Bus lane violation detection
  • Wrong-way violation detection
  • No left turn violation detection
  • Parking violation detection
  • Traffic counting

Read more about the solution here.

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