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The Critical Infrastructure solution

Critical Infrastructure security challenges

Critical Infrastructure facilities have a great importance in maintaining a nation’s society and economy. It is crucial to protect these critical infrastructures and other important industrial objects from potential threats.

There are no areas within such facilities where unauthorized objects or people can stay. Motion detection sensors may not enough by themselves for proper protection, and common security camera systems are unable to cover the whole area efficiently. PID systems frequently generates false alarms and most of the camera systems do not have the required image resolution to retrieve relevant visual information at great distances.


The aim of the Logipix Critical Infrastructure Video Surveillance solution

The aim of the solution is to protect critical infrastructures like power plants, oil refineries and other industrial facilities from potential threats. To make these environments more secure and smoothly controlled, Logipix created high-end hardware and software components and automatic surveillance technologies that together form an efficient system.


Hardware & software components

  • 20 MP Logipix ONE camera
  • 200 MP Logipix Panorama camera
  • Logipix 3D microwave radar
  • 6 MP Logipix PTZ camera
  • 5 km, 2 MP Logipix Long Range PTZ camera
  • Logipix Network Video Recorder
  • Logipix Control Center client and server software


Features & functions

  • 200 MP stitched panoramic images
  • Panorama synchronization and white balance correction
  • Multi-level intrusion detection
  • Integration with PID systems
  • Video Content Analysis
  • Traffic management
  • ePTZ function
  • PPM expansion
  • Unique PTZ control functions

High-end Panorama cameras

Logipix engineers created a high-end Panorama camera that uses a unique stitching technology. The feature not just simply overlap the images of individual sensors but geometrically merge them together at the image borders. Each built-in cameras of the Logipix Panorama take their images synchronized. As a result of the synchronized images there are no glitches or missing objects in the image stream that could lead to even serious misunderstandings. There is also white balance correction to smoothen the color gradient between the images if needed.


PTZ cameras

The PTZ cameras of the Logipix Critical Infrastructure Video Surveillance solution greatly contribute to create a safe and undisturbed environment. The solution features useful automatic control functions, but operators can control the PTZ cameras manually too.

The PTZs are able to automatically turn to any areas where preconfigured alarms come from and they can also track the motion of suspicious objects. This way operators can get much more details of certain situations in time.

Operators can control the PTZ cameras interactively with a special control function on the associated panoramic image by selecting a target area. They can move the PTZ also by using mouse controlled joystick emulation or simple clicking on the image of the PTZ camera.

Advanced Video Content Analysis

The Logipix VCA is able detect objects automatically that pose a threat for normal operation in specific areas of the facilities. This includes for instance the detection of fire, animal, human or vehicle presence where it is not allowed.

The Logipix VCA relies on a Multidimensional Gaussian Background Model to continuously adapt to the background and help to avoid any false alarms usually generated by the moving parts of the background objects for example plants blown by the wind.


Multi-level detection

The Critical Infrastructure Video Surveillance solution provides multi-level, automatic intrusion detection functions.

Certain areas within the facility can be armed or disarmed individually. In armed state, different areas can provide alarms with different severity levels around the monitored objects in case of a detected motion.


Perimeter intrusion detection

Logipix created two different camera arrangements to protect the perimeter area of critical infrastructure facilities. It can be fully covered by placing individual Logipix cameras alongside the fence, or it is also possible to monitor this area using a few Panorama and PTZ cameras. Either case, the Logipix VCA can rely on the quality images and detect any movement near the fence. There are different levels of alarm for operators to make preparations and only to react to actual incidents for efficient prevention.


Traffic management

In order to have effective monitoring of internal roads and footpaths the system automatically detects speeding vehicles and wrong-way driving. There is also the possibility of detecting objects that leave their designated paths.


In the Control Room

The Logipix Control Center, our Video Management Software, has several specially developed functions that facilitate video surveillance at critical infrastructures. Operators do not have to split their attention between several individual image streams, they can monitor the entire area easily, watching large panoramic images. Operators can retrieve minute-details of certain situations by using the PTZ cameras with their several automatic and manual control functions.

The Logipix Control Center allows to assign two camera images, one inside the other, providing the PPM expansion function. This way a certain area within the panoramic image can be observed with much higher resolution. The software also provides the so called ePTZ function that ensures an automatic zoom on the panoramic image to a preconfigured area if a trigger event happens.

With our VMS it is also possible to make an automatic alternation of monitor profiles once alarms arrive to its interface. In addition, archive footage can be displayed on the monitor profile alongside with the live images.

The main advantages

200 MP panoramic images – The Logipix Panorama cameras provide a resolution high enough for recognizing objects automatically even in great distances.

Automatic detection of incidents – With accurate VCA, based on high-resolution images, Logipix is able to detect damaging, sabotage, loitering, and the presence of drones, fire, smoke, animals and vehicles or humans where it is not allowed.

Reliable perimeter protection – Whether the perimeter area is observed by individual cameras alongside the fence or it is monitored by Panorama and PTZ cameras, all intrusions are detected, beside a minimized false alarm rate.

See in all lighting and weather conditions – Equipped with IR laser illuminators and featuring several software based picture enhancement algorithms, Logipix delivers stunning images in even severe weather conditions 24/7.

Irrefutable visual evidence – In case of an incident, any frame of the sharp and clear Logipix footage can act as an irrefutable evidence during investigation.

Bandwidth-effective – The Logipix components utilize the scalability of the JPEG2000 compression standard when transmitting and displaying images. This way the system is able to manage hundreds of megapixels visual information.

Cost-effective – The Logipix Panorama camera itself replaces hundreds of conventional Full HD cameras and features an automatic self-cleaning system. This way Logipix is able to keep installation and maintenance costs low.


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