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Our Products

Security and surveillance systems of tomorrow

Engineers at Logipix Ltd. are continuously developing and manufacturing complex end-to-end security solutions focusing on the characteristics of the given area. Our systems satisfy the highest requirements of contemporary security, while defining the future tendencies of video surveillance and access control.

Groundbreaking developments tailored for specific areas

With many years of experience behind us, we developed high-quality video surveillance solutions specially designed for Safe and Smart Cities, traffic monitoring, airports and stadiums. We also produce top surveillance systems for critical infrastructure and border control application areas. We manufacture a wide range of NVRs and IP cameras for our solutions, from the basic Full HD to the revolutionary 200 MP Panorama cameras that maximize the efficiency of monitoring large-scale areas.

Among others our PTZ camera family contains a worldwide unique 6 MP PTZ with 30x optical zoom; and a long range PTZ as well, that detects targets even from a 5 km distance.

Logipix engineers created an affordable high-end, 20 MP IP camera with a 1” sensor. It is the key device in our traffic surveillance system, and is also ideal for monitoring broad areas and places where a large number of people gather together. They provide 20 MP resolution, visually lossless JPEG2000 compression, wide dynamic range and an impressive 20 FPS rate at full resolution.

The future of surveillance relies on VCA

With hardware-driven Logipix Video Content Analysis applications we are able to build fully automatic surveillance systems to increase the efficiency of surveillance, and to save significant maintenance cost on your side. VCA applications provide the accurate detection of traffic violations. Our traffic surveillance system can automatically capture and manage all the typical traffic violations; and it also provides image based traffic counting. We developed a VCA based abandoned object detection method, too, that is essential in our airport and city surveillance systems.

Move on

We think about the moving world as well. With our mobile video recorders and their special hybrid storage technology you will never remain without surveillance in public transport or even in extreme moving environments.

Fast and easy work in the command and control rooms

Logipix software components are designed wisely with built-in features that help facilitating and accelerating operator decisions with regard to the specific requirements of different application areas. Whether it is a confirmation process for automatically detected traffic violation, or a real-time monitoring task in a dense crowd Logipix provides versatile and still user-friendly solutions.

Access to integration

Our systems are able to work together. Combining the capabilities of Logipix Video Surveillance System and Logipix Access Control can highly increase the overall efficiency of security tasks.

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