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Case Studies

Case Studies


Ellips Ga Co Ltd. has installed an IP based Logipix multi-megapixel CCTV system with 80 pieces of Logipix 15MP D/N cameras to monitor traffic violations at 20 traffic light controlled junctions in the capital of Armenia.

The system of traffic lights is connected to Logipix system by a unique development, thus traffic light states can be visualized on the video monitors.

Ellips plans to extend the system for another 250 crossroads all over the country over the next couple of years. 15MP Logipix cameras provides minute details on the camera pictures, therefore offenders can be surely identified and violations can be easily proven.

The company is in cooperation with the Yerevan Police Department, by whom the penalties are delivered to the traffic offenders.

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OSS Ltd. has installed a complete integrated security system based on the devices of STP Ltd. at DHL Hungary.

The system contains a complex IP based Logipix multi-megapixel surveillance system with 15MP Logipix cameras, Network Video Recorders and Logipix Hybrid Extenders. Due to the Hybrid extenders connected to the LNVRs, the already existing analog cameras could be easily integrated into the new IP based system, furthermore their performance is improved by this solution.

The buildings of DHL Hungary relies on STP Access Control System, wherewith visitors and employees can be lightly traced, and their work time can be calculated. A Burglar Alarm system is integrated into the complete security system, thus a common software interface can visualize the alarm events and the related camera pictures in the buildings of DHL Hungary. The high definition video monitoring system and the complex burglar alarm system allow the operators to notice any suspicious activity.

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The Logipix System: Helping to create a secure environment in Hungarian football stadiums

The governing body for football in Hungary, the Hungarian Football Association (MLSZ) decided to install new video surveillance systems in the Hungarian Premier League stadiums. They started the Stadium Security Program in which the Logipix Stadium Video Surveillance System was chosen to be implemented in the stadiums. In the first phase of development the Logipix System was installed at the grounds of six Hungarian first-class football teams. The stadiums are currently being monitored by the Logipix Multi-megapixel Panoramic camera system, which consists of several 15 Megapixel Logipix cameras and additional Full HD PTZ cameras which are linked to the panoramic system. Logipix Network Video Recorders were also installed to record and store security footage. Operators use the Control Center software to monitor every seat in the stadium which helps staff to effectively handle any violent or inappropriate incidents. The project is an ongoing one with the main goal being to install the Logipix System in stadiums across Hungary.

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