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Logipix Airport Video Surveillance solution



Common airport security challenges

Airports all around the world are under constant stress. They are permanently exposed to terrorist attacks, other violent incidents and face internal threats.

In such environments even the smallest mistake can lead to a fatal accident, so it is essential to monitor all areas of an airport and fast react in suspicious or dangerous situations. Airports need to be prepared to handle terrorist and other criminal activities and to prevent accidents.

Logipix developed an end-to-end video surveillance solution that gives an answer to the question of how to protect passengers, staff and assets in all airport areas.

The aim of the Logipix Airport Video Surveillance solution

The aim of the Logipix Airport Video Surveillance solution is to effectively monitor every suspicious activities and to find and track already blacklisted vehicles and individuals on the main access roads and throughout the airport. Preventing accidents or any kind of criminal activity is ensured as airport security operators can see and quickly react to critical situations.


Hardware & software components

Logipix Airport Video Surveillance components

  • Wide dynamic range 40 – 200 MP Panorama cameras with 20 FPS
  • Wide dynamic range 20 MP Logipix ONE cameras with 20 FPS, using JPEG2000 compression
  • Day/Night 6 MP PTZ cameras
  • Logipix Network Video Recorder
  • Control Center software


Features & functions

  • Real-time monitoring with full resolution images
  • Fast evidence search and playback functions
  • VCA detection of license plates on the airport access roads
  • Interface for ANPR
  • Interface for customer-managed lists (blacklist, whitelist, etc.) and for face recognition systems
  • PPM expansion
  • PTZ zoom functions
  • VCA abandoned object detection applications on the taxiway and runways

Seeing more with less cameras

The Logipix Airport Video Surveillance solution is built with 200 MP Logipix Panorama cameras. With these cameras vast areas can be monitored from a single viewpoint, so operators get a clear view of the entire monitored area. 20 MP single sensor box cameras and 6 MP PTZ cameras are also used for monitoring. The easy-to-handle large panoramic images provide a full coverage without installing thousands of traditional security cameras. The installation of such a large number of cameras can be a time-consuming and expensive task. An even greater challenge lies in the monitoring itself, as operators could easily miss out on key information while scanning too many camera images. It is not an issue with Logipix as less cameras are capable of covering the entire airport.


Main access roads

The Logipix Airport Video Surveillance solution covers the road leading to the airport and its entire area with high-resolution images, ensuring a safe environment 24/7. All vehicles are checked and tracked already on the road that is leading to the airport thanks to the images of the 20 MP Logipix ONE and a special VCA application that together with Logipix ANPR makes it possible to filter out blacklisted vehicles already on the road that is leading to the airport.

At the airport

Operators observe parking lots watching single panoramic images. Furthermore, they can get extremely detailed images relying on the high resolution and the optical zoom capabilities of the Logipix 6 MP PTZ.

Once entering the terminals, operators monitor passenger actions and movements throughout the airport with the high-resolution fix 20 MP and 6 MP PTZ cameras. Combining high resolution cameras with a third-party automatic face recognition system greatly enhances security, as blacklisted individuals can be identified in the crowd in no time.

Areas that are accessible only for airport staff are supervised strictly as well, to minimize internal threats and avoid security gaps.

Logipix Panorama and 6 MP PTZ cameras also help to prevent thefts and accidents around aircraft as they effectively monitor airport apron and taxiway. Panorama devices are perfectly suited to observe the runways and hangars as well, therefore all staff movements, maintenance works, take-offs and landings can be monitored in high resolution. With self-developed VCA, abandoned objects can be detected automatically at the airport taxiway and runway, which can effectively help to prevent fatal accidents.

Perimeter security

Airport perimeter area is also covered, as several 20 MP Logipix ONE cameras and Logipix PTZ cameras can be installed all along the airport fence. The streams of the Logipix ONE cameras can be displayed in a sequence as an automatic virtual tour. Motion sensors can also be connected to the system. If the sensors detect intrusion the Logipix PTZ cameras automatically turn to the exact area, making it possible to have efficient prevention and quick reaction.


Airport Control Center

Large panoramic images displayed by the easy-to-use Airport Control Center ensure an expanded view. Operators can continuously observe the whole monitored area on one image without redundant or hidden areas. Monitoring a vast area is more effective by watching a single high-resolution panoramic image, than continuously scanning hundreds of individual images. The PTZ cameras can work together with the Panorama cameras, and can be controlled easily on the panoramic images by selecting the area of interest with the help of this software.

ePTZ function

Logipix ePTZ function is an automatic zoom function. Areas can be defined within the panoramic image and for configured trigger events the defined areas appear on the monitor profiles in special zoom windows.

PPM expansion

Logipix developed the PPM expansion function that can be very useful in airport security. There are always priority areas within a monitored environment. The PPM expansion function allows operators to observe areas at an even higher image resolution. A Logipix ONE camera with a higher PPM value makes operators able to continuously monitor this area at an even higher resolution.



The main advantages

Meeting the needs of individual airports - Logipix created a complex video surveillance solution to effectively monitor and protect all areas of airports. Our engineers consider the specific structure and characteristics of different complexes to best adapt the system for all situations.

Cost-effectiveness – Less devices are needed, making installation and maintenance costs significantly low.

Bandwidth-effectiveness – The solution uses the scalable JPEG2000 image compression.

High quality footage - The Logipix cameras provide large panoramic images with a resolution high enough for face recognition. The images can do a great service in any later investigation processes.

Strength and reliability - Logipix products are full metal constructions, they do not contain plastic parts. All the cameras and the Network Video Recorders are designed for a long-term operation even in extreme weather conditions.


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