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Logipix Panorama Solutions

Logipix Panorama Solutions

From the hardware to the Video Management Software

Benefits of the panoramic images

Using panoramic images has many benefits in the aspect of monitoring. Operators can observe the whole area from a single view point. Logipix Panorama cameras provide full coverage at large-scale areas without installing thousands of traditional security cameras. The installation of such large number of cameras can be a very impractical task. An even bigger challenge lies in monitoring itself, as operators could easily miss out on key information, while scanning too many camera images. Operators can spot suspicious activities more efficiently, by watching a single high-resolution panoramic image.

Logipix panorama cameras

Logipix offers Panorama cameras in different constructions. Their common feature is that they deliver extraordinary image quality with hundreds of megapixels.

The Logipix Control Center provides a unique function for stitching the images of individual cameras together to create virtual panoramic views. This structure gives you the flexibility to tailor the camera setup to your own needs considering the necessary resolution and installation possibilities. For example, stitching the images of 16 pieces of Logipix ONE 20 MP cameras could create a powerful construction. It provides 320 MP panoramic images and 20 FPS imaging rate at full resolution. This huge amount of pixels allow for face recognition even at great distances.

Logipix has developed individual multi-sensor Panorama cameras as well delivering 200, 400 and 600 MP resolutions and 20 FPS imaging rate. They are the exclusive flagship cameras of Logipix. The devices are able to monitor immense areas with a resolution that is high enough for face recognition within the covered area. They consist of ten, twenty or thirty pieces of specially constructed Logipix ONE 20 MP cameras, that are located in a massive, robust camera house. It is possible to complete the camera house with an automatic self-cleaning system and with an active Peltier cooling system as well.

The cameras in all Logipix Panorama devices have synchronized imaging. This means that all the images are created at the very same time, therefore there will be no duplicate moving objects in the stitched images.

How to display

Logipix engineers created a versatile Video Management Software, the Logipix Control Center. It has numerous specially developed functions related to panoramic images. The software has been smartly designed to display the high-resolution panoramic images in a bandwidth-efficient way.

Working with and displaying such high resolution panoramic images is a real challenge for the network, and also for the computer. But Logipix has the solution to manage and display even 600 MP of visual information at the same time. The essence of Logipix Panoramic Technology is to store the panoramic images at full resolution on the NVR, but transmit and display only the necessary pixels. State-of-the-art 4K monitors can immediately display 8 MP of visual information, which is only a fragment of the full resolution. As there is no need to transmit the full size images the system sends resized, smaller images to be displayed on the monitors. When the operators want to see some detail and zoom in on images, the system is able to display these zoomed parts of the picture in a much higher resolution. Thus the Logipix Control Center always shows only the necessary pixels. The basis of this technology is the JPEG2000 compression standard and one of its main features, scalability. The JPEG2000 is the only image compression standard that was developed for managing 1000+ MP resolution images. The JPEG2000 standard provides all the necessary cropping and scaling functions that are needed to efficiently display hundreds of megapixels. The NVR runs the cropping and scaling algorithm without any performance reduction at 200 MP resolution level.

Versatile zooming functions

Logipix Control Center allows for different zooming possibilities, having the so called Logi-Zoom function. Although Logipix panoramic images are stitched images of individual cameras, operators can work with them as if they were single images. The operators can zoom in on any part of the panoramic image. They can also use and move around one or even more zoom windows at the same time. In these windows, the chosen parts of the panoramic image are displayed in high resolution. Using this function operators can easily track suspicious individuals in the zoom windows, while they are still able to observe the whole monitored area.

The best image quality

In the Logipix system, image processing algorithms are distributed among the camera, the video recorder and the displaying software. To display high-resolution panoramic images, multiple color, brightness and geometrical transformations have to be be performed.

The Logipix Control Center software fully utilizes the processing performance of modern GPUs. Using the GPU, Logipix can provide provide an accurate image stitching technology and effective image enhancement functions.

Logipix panorama and PTZ cameras working together

Logipix developed a worldwide unique function allowing PTZ cameras to be assigned to the panorama cameras. This way PTZs can work together with the panorama devices. The PTZ can be controlled on the panoramic images by selecting the area of interest. Based on common measuring points the PTZ camera can accurately find the selected image area. Operators can easily track suspicious activities utilizing the user-friendly control functions of the PTZs. Using 6 MP or Long Range PTZ cameras they can get minute details of the targets even if they are kilometers away.

Logipix PiP camera function

Logipix developed the Picture-in-Picture function that can be very useful in various application fields. There are always priority areas within a monitored environment that should be observed with different parameters. The PiP function allows to assign two or more camera images, one inside the other. 20 MP Logipix cameras with telephoto lenses can be assigned to panoramic images, therefore certain areas can be monitored in much higher resolution in the single panoramic image.

Logipix ePTZ function

LOGIPIX ePTZ works as an automatic zoom function. Areas can be defined within the panoramic image and for configured trigger events the defined areas appear on the monitor profiles in special zoom windows.

Safe policeman feature

There could be many dangerous situations when a policeman or a security guard needs extra help to get a fuller picture of the situation he is involved in. Logipix developed a smart feature that saves valuable time and provides extremely useful visual information which, in such cases, could mean life or death. In these kinds of situations the guard or the policeman on the spot works together with the operator. The person who gets in trouble presses a mobile panic button that triggers an event in the Logipix Control Center. The software receives the GPS coordinates of the panic button and immediately displays every relevant panoramic and single images on the Video Monitor. Furthermore, the system automatically turns every nearby PTZ cameras on the target. As the operator, thanks to the high resolution images, can see much more than the person in trouble he can inform them what they should do, and where the threats exactly are. When the situation turns really dangerous the operator can tell where the guard or the policeman should hide or how they can escape.

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