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Safe and Smart Cities

Logipix Safe and Smart City solution


Present day challenges of cities

With the growth of economy, the population is continuously increasing both in the large and medium-sized cities all around the world. This high crowd generates a larger traffic volume on streets, causing traffic jams, violations and accidents. Modern cities also face certain challenges like criminal activities, violent incidents and terrorist attacks. Cities have to progress by implementing smart solutions to handle these traffic and security issues.

Logipix believes that a more efficient urban mobility and a safer environment can be achieved by a technological improvements. Therefore we developed a complex solution that helps smart cities to ensure the safety of their traffic and the security of the people on their streets.

The mission of the Logipix Safe and Smart City solution

The Logipix Safe and Smart City solution was designed to provide traffic violation management and video surveillance tasks at the same time.

On the one hand, the aim of the Logipix solution is to help maintain security in everyday traffic by accurately detecting and recording several types of traffic violations and providing irrefutable evidences for local authorities. As drivers know that all their violating actions could be captured, they are more likely to comply with traffic rules. This way there are less violations, and therefore the number of potential accidents and traffic jams can be excessively reduced.

The other goal of Logipix is to provide city video surveillance. The Logipix system is able to monitor large-scale areas 24/7 and help cities maintain security on their streets. The Logipix cameras record any suspicious, violent and criminal activity on high-resolution security footage. In these recordings face recognition is possible even at a far distance.

Hardware & software components

Logipix Traffic Violation Management components

  • Wide dynamic range Logipix ONE 20 MP cameras with 20 FPS, using JPEG2000 compression
  • Integrated IR Flash
  • Outdoor Network Video Recorder
  • Integrated multi-lane radar / LIDAR for speeding detection
  • Violation Management Client (VMC)

Logipix City Video Surveillance components

  • Wide dynamic range 40 – 200 MP Panorama cameras with 20 FPS
  • Wide dynamic range 20 MP Logipix ONE cameras with 20 FPS, using JPEG2000 compression
  • Day/Night 6 MP PTZ cameras
  • Logipix Network Video Recorder
  • Control Center software

Features & functions

Logipix Traffic Violation Management

  • Fully automatic operation, only the evaluation process is performed by operators
  • ANPR interface
  • Interface for external vehicle database and customer-managed lists
  • Automatically compiled violation package
  • Interface for traffic citation authorities

Automatic traffic VCA applications

  • Stop sign violation detection
  • Red light violation detection
  • Bus lane violation detection
  • Wrong-way violation detection
  • Parking violation detection
  • Speeding detection
  • Traffic counting

Logipix City Video Surveillance

  • Real-time monitoring with full resolution images
  • Fast evidence search and playback functions
  • Safe policeman feature
  • PPM expansion
  • PTZ zoom functions
  • Interface for face recognition systems

Capturing all traffic violations

The Logipix Safe and Smart City solution monitors traffic situations 24/7 and records all the typical cases of traffic violations with 20 MP Logipix ONE cameras installed at the intersections. A single camera is able to cover multiple lanes at the same time. An integrated IR flash provides efficient lighting at night. As the IR Flash works with different flash powers, both reflective and non-reflective license plates can be detected.

The Logipix system automatically detects and records the violations and manages them. Logipix or third-party ANPRs provide automatic license plate recognition to identify violators. Logipix enables to connect and query data from external vehicle databases and special customer-managed lists to further facilitate the identification process. During the whole process, operators are only needed for the confirmation of violations in an easy-to-use software. The system automatically creates detailed violation packages for operators and violation reports for the authorities.

Traffic violation detection is performed automatically by Video Content Analysis applications. When the task is about speeding detection, an integrated multi-lane radar or a LIDAR supports the VCA based measurement process. The system also ensures image-based traffic counting that works without physically installed inductive loops.

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Safer streets

Many of currently installed outdoor security camera systems do not meet the requirements of a smart city. The cameras most often have low image resolution, and many of them have to be installed to cover a vast area. Not only they are impractical, they also ruin the cityscape.

Logipix created a solution that is efficient, practical and delivers enormously high image quality. The Logipix Smart City Solution is built with high-end IP cameras such as the Logipix Panorama cameras, that can monitor wide areas from a single viewpoint. These devices can replace hundreds of conventional Full HD IP cameras. The Logipix cameras can deliver up to 200 MP resolution, which is high enough for face recognition even at a great distance.

The leading-edge Logipix 6 MP PTZ cameras can work both individually and together with the Panorama cameras. The 6 MP PTZ cameras can be controlled on the panoramic images by selecting the area of interest. Operators can get minute details of critical situations quickly, thanks to the fast and user-friendly positioning.

Logipix engineers developed several advanced functions to make monitoring even more effective. The Logipix ePTZ and Safe policeman features help directing the attention of operators to actual critical areas. Logipix PPM expansion allows operators to monitor certain areas of the panoramic images at a much higher resolution.

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Scalable system

The Logipix Safe and Smart City solution has a flexible structure that can expand if needed. Even thousands of cameras can operate in a single system, so all intersections, roads and public spaces of a city can be covered by Logipix cameras.

Seamless system management

Managing a complex, city-wide video surveillance system can be a real challenge, but it is easy with the Logipix Safe and Smart City solution. Logipix supports distributed command and control center operations. There can be multiple control rooms at multiple locations where the operators can overview and manage the system. A control room can be optimized for video surveillance tasks with the Logipix Control Center software or for violation management operation using the Violation Management Clients.

The main advantages

Multi-purpose system – The Logipix Safe and Smart City solution is a city-wide system that has been designed to fulfill traffic violation management and city video surveillance tasks at the same time.

Scalability – The Logipix system has a flexible structure, so the solution can adapt to cities in any sizes.

High-end cameras – Logipix uses specially developed cameras with even hundreds of megapixels resolution that provide clear and sharp images in all lighting conditions.

Hardware-driven VCA – Automatic Video Content Analysis applications provide effective traffic violation detection and also facilitate city video surveillance.

Long lifetime – Logipix engineers develop leading-edge new technologies that ensure a slow physical and technological obsolescence for the system.

Weatherproof devices – Our devices are developed and manufactured to operate without failure in even extreme outdoor environments and conditions.

Easy implementation – Many of the system features contribute to a fast and uncomplicated installation process.




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